Engraved Hoofpicks

Click here to see an example of a hoofpick engraved for a special event.

Welcome to Hammered Horse Products!

To all my wonderful customers. Due to a medical issue I will not be able to build or ship saddle stands at present time. Hopefully I will be able to resume building and shipping soon. In the meantime I can put my customers on a waiting list and contact any interested party when I am able to resume building and shipping saddle stands.

Thank you for understanding.

Email me:  HammeredHorse@att.net

Exciting news from Hammered Horse Products! In order to better serve our valued customers, we have relocated to a home in the country where we can build a bigger shop. This will greatly improve our efficiency. As an added bonus for us, we have moved our horses too and finally have them living in our back yard.

Hammered Horse Products offers hand crafted accessories for horse and equestrian enthusiasts. Design with purpose for a purpose, each product is a durable and useful work of art made for daily use. Many of the products are equally at home as western decor as they are in the horse barn. This company is combination of my lifelong passions for trail riding with over 30 years of creating custom crafted wood, metal and leather products. Enjoy your Hammered Horse Creations as much as I do.

     - Bob Michaels